The Singers

Cathy Goodman: When Cathy was a baby, her parents claim she cried and cried until she figured out how to talk. She obviously had something to say, and now we can’t shut her up. When not talking, she’s probably singing.

Abby Foley: The sweetest one of the bunch, this girl is definitely on Santa’s NICE list.

Tori Richter: Tori is Cathy’s sister, and they have been performing together forever. Tori plays the flute too. Multi-faceted, this Kringleista.

Ross Martin: Ross was a shoe-in to fill the tenor spot, as he’s personal friends with arranger extraordinaire, Mac Huff. The majority of the arrangements the Mistletones® perform are by Mac Huff. Plus, Ross has the vocal chops to boot.

Mark Oppedahl: Tall, dark, and handsome (although he’s a blonde)… Mark is our anchor and stickler for rhythm and notes (along with Tori, actually). Tori and Cathy’s mom think Mark is “dreamy.”